Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mage gear needs overhaul

Why is it that NPC's gear looks so much better than our gear. I mean as a mage archetype we get the short end of the stick, come on! I have been wearing just about the same dress from the beginning of the game. The only change I notice is upgrades change color of my dress. I could do more research as to why Funcom decided to make mages all look the same. But, I would rather flame about it on my blog :D I find it hard to believe that the various equipment designs were never developed. I assume that they just had more pressing matters than making us look like the bad asses we all know we are. I have in my time of playing found a outfit in the game that did look quite different and made me stand out from the normal green, blue, or red dresses. As luck would have it, it's the second costume to the right of the picture above. Sexy eh? Oh ya I rocked to Nest headgear! But seriously I would have greatly appreciated an much needed implication of the over 1000 armors, before I actually have to renew my subscription before the 18Th of July. Fat chance of that happening. As much as I love this game, it does make me second guess paying for another month of wearing the same old dress. Give me some Stygian style!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tin, Cottonwisp, and Bears oh my!!!

Gathering Materials
by Roberto S.

For us Stygian's, Purple Lotus Swamp is our place for gathering materials that is close to home. Gathering materials in Age of Conan can be a daunting task. In my experience finding all the nodes was one of the easiest processes in gathering materials. Aside from the occasional griefer, generated mob, or worst, some level 80's generated mob that couldn't catch its initial target. Luck me! I myself have a level 70 at the time of this blog. I can take the shot from about any mob higher than me and have enough health to escape, that is of coarse with the use of health pots. But for those unlucky Stygian it's back to the spawn point, as luck would have it it is located clear across the map from where you bit the dust.

I started out like most others who gather materials for quests. It was pretty easy to gather the 20 or so mats required to complete each profession. Now getting lucky to get the rare drop from whatever node I was working is another story. For countless hours I smacked a copper mine in hopes of obtaining a piece of tin. Some people from Age of Conan forums are said to have mined thousands of copper mines in the pursuit of this 1st tier rare material. This is pretty common knowledge, that tin has a horrible drop rate, as does about every other rare material. These rare mats can be obtained from Mobs. (Kill a monster, loot, Woot! Tin!). Which is fine but for the fact that obtaining Tin from a Mob instead of a mine doesn't complete the Obtain Tin gathering quest. :( Or so I thought... Until one day I came across a bit of info.

I did not check to see if this will get you BANNED. Probably will. :D :D
Well I have come across a nifty little trick that works for any gathering rare material quests!!!

1. Obtain the appropriate amount of Material needed for the quest. (AH, Guildy)
2. Go to the Trader as you will need access to your storage.
3. Open Inventory/Resources then SPLIT the stack in any ratio.( Hold shift+right click)
4. Place the split portion in storage.
5. Put what you just placed in storage back into your Inventory on the same slot from where you split. (You should see a system message “You have obtained ______.”
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the quest counts the items in the quest log. (Rinse and Repeat till quest in completed.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Stygian

This is a blog for myself, a Stygian Necromancer in the MMORPG Age of Conan. This is my first blog and I am not sure what I will add to it. We shall see.